The Jicarilla Apache Nation provides or offers its employees an opportunity to participate in benefit programs.   Generally, the Nation will provide basic or minimum coverage for these programs and the employee may choose greater or additional coverage.  Because benefit plans may change or be modified periodically, the benefits identified below do not show specifics or detailsThe employee benefits offered by the Nation are subject to change.  Policy changes may supersede, modify or eliminate the benefits being offered.  Changes in the policies will be communicated by the Risk Management Department and/or through official memorandums.

Specific information regarding these benefits may be obtained from Human Resource Office and/or from the appropriate office administering the benefit program.

Health & Dental Insurance—coverage under this program is voluntary.  An eligible person can apply for coverage (full-time permanent employee, full time equivalent employee, retirees, high education students, and their eligible dependents with required documentation).

The qualified participants have a 30-day waiting period.  The first of the month following 30 days of employee, insurance will become effective.  Participants will pay premiums on a bi-weekly basis according to the benefits selected.  Participants are strictly held to the policy provisions of the participating provider.

The Nation will determine your effective date of coverage according to the provisions of the Administrative Services Agreements.

Group Life Insurance—the Nation offers and pays for basic life insurance coverage for employees at twice the employee’s annual salary.  The plan includes accidental death and dismemberment benefits as defined by the coverage.  The employee may purchase greater coverage on a voluntary basis.

Supplemental – the Nation has contracted with other carriers to provide supplementary life and ADD insurance options for employees. 

Retirement Plan— The Nation established a defined benefit pension plan in order to provide retirement benefits that will be payable over the lifetime of eligible employees and their beneficiaries.  The plan is paid one hundred (100%) by the Nation.  Eligibility for membership begins at eighteen (18) years of age and after completing one thousand (1000) hours of work in a year.  Employees are one hundred (100%) percent vested after completing five (5) years of continuous service.   If you were born before January 1, 1969, you may be eligible for Early Retirement benefits based on your age and eligibility service.

Disability Retirement If you become disabled while employed by the Nation and have at least 10 years of Eligibility Service, you may be eligible for a disability retirement pension.  Contact the Pension office for additional details.

401K Savings Plan—the Nation has adopted and established a 401(k) Savings Plan for its employees as a supplement to the Retirement Plan.  The 401(k) Savings Plan allows eligible employees to save and invest a portion of their earnings for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. 

Special Death Benefits–  Under the Retirement Plan, if an employee dies (a) while actively employed, or (b) after terminating employment with eligibility for an early retirement pension but before payments commence, or (c) after retiring on a disability pension (or terminating due to disability) but prior to commencement of a disability pension, the Member’s beneficiary(ies) shall receive a $10,000 special death benefit, payable in lump sum.

Service Award for Retirees– Upon retirement and recommendation from Director or Executive Leadership, retired employees may receive a special service award.