HUMAN RESOURCES is responsible for the administration of HR related programs to include hiring and recruitment, compensation, training, grievance, disciplinary action, separation, and employee records.

  • Vacant, HR Director PH: 575-759-4242
  • Bridget Lester, Assistant HR Director PH: 575-759-4284
  • Salena Gonzales, Program Staffing Specialist PH: 575-759-4422
  • Katie Trujillo, Program Staffing Specialist PH: 575-759-4319
  • Chris Holyfield, Grievance & Adjudication Officer PH: 575-759-4290
  • Augustina Nunez, Data Technician PH: 575-759-4280
  • Desiree Montano, Program Staffing Specialist PH: 575-759-4417
  • Vacant, Program Assistant PH: 575-759-4285
  • Ki It Su Valdez, Data Technician PH: 575-759-4445

PENSION PLAN OFFICE located within the Human Resources Department, are responsible for the Pension, and 401K.