Position title
Records Technician

Under general supervision the Records Technician will maintain all case files, disseminating police reports and criminal history information. Work includes reviewing reports to determine the status of the case and ensuring cases are classified following Federal Uniform Crime Reporting and departmental policy and procedure guidelines. Work includes coding and entering, verifying, correcting, and updating reports and data into the Criminal Justice Information System. Work involves transcription of police repots in a confidential, professional, and accurate manner.

Human Resources Office Hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm   Monday-Friday

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1. High School Diploma or GED Certification (Attach Copy). 2. Associate degree in Criminal Justice or related field, with Two (2) years of records management experience, including computer operations. (Attach Copy) 3. Must possess a Valid State Drivers License (Attach Copy).  4. Must be able to obtain clearance for a Nations Permit. 5. Obtain and maintain certification for National Crime Information Center (NCIC), computer system. 6. Must be Twenty-One (21) years of age or older. 7. Must submit a blank money order in the amount of $45.00 with your application. Meet with HR Representative to complete fingerprinting for the background check. 8. Complete “Release of Information” Form. 9. Complete “Criminal Records Release” Form and submit to the Nation’s Court. 10.Complete "SAMBA" Form and return to Human Resources Office. 11. Must have Favorable background check. 12. Must not have a drug or alcohol dependency. 13. Never been convicted of a felony. 14. Never been convicted of any misdemeanor, within One (1) year to date of application, including DUI. 15. Never been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence in any jurisdiction. 16. No major traffic violation or a record of suspension or revocation of driver’s license within the past year. 17. Subject to mandatory and random drug testing.

Jicarilla Apache Police Department

Employment Type
Base Salary
$ 27,493 JS-4A
Date posted
June 21, 2021
Valid through
June 25, 2021
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Position: Records Technician

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